Weaning Checklist

Let the fun begin! Weaning is a new adventure for you and your baby. It is a good idea to pick up some of these utensils before getting started so that you have them to hand when it’s time to begin. No good explorer begins an adventure without their map!

  • Blender, hand blender or a garlic crush can be handy for blending small amounts of veg
  • High chair
  • Small baby plastic bowls and spoons
  • A beaker (from 6 months onwards your baby should be drinking from a beaker)
  • Lots of bibs, wipes and cloths
  • Fork and sieve for mashing and filtering out lumps
  • Ice cube trays or individual portion containers for batch cooking and freezing small portions
  • A messy mat or splash mat can come in handy for under the high chair
  • Some plastic or wipeable bibs can be useful to avoid constant washing

Hopefully this checklist will make weaning that bit easier. Best of luck! If you need any advice do contact our Careline on 1800 570 570