Weaning Do’s & Don’ts

It can be very confusing when it comes to weaning with lots of different info available. Here are some handy tips to help you when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of weaning!


  • Wait 1-2 days before the introduction of a new food to get your baby settled on one food before moving onto the next.
  • Do give lots of love and encouragement – This is a special time for you and your baby!
  • Introduce vegetables before fruit. Babies are born with a natural sweet tooth and by introducing fruit first you may find it tricky to get your little one to accept vegetables.
  • Once your baby is settled on first weaning foods such as fruit, veg and baby rice you can start to introduce meat and fish. Just ensure all bones are removed and it is pureed to the correct consistency.
  • Do keep trying if your baby doesn’t like a food at first. It can take several attempts for a baby to accept a new flavour, so don’t give up!
  • Progress to different textures. At the beginning, foods should be a smooth runny consistency. As your little one moves through the weaning journey, textures should move to a slightly thicker puree, then gradually to a mashed consistency and eventually to lumpy/chopped textures.
  • Freeze any extra portions of puree. This saves you time and effort later.
  • Introduce a beaker from 6 months. You can offer your baby a beaker of cooled, boiled water with their meal.


  • Begin weaning before 17 weeks of age and don’t delay weaning after 6 months of age.
  • Introduce solid food when your baby is tired or very hungry, as they may refuse the food.
  • Be scared if your baby gags and makes funny faces when you first begin weaning. This is a normal response. If your baby refuses a new food just stop and try again in a few days.
  • Overfeed – babies are very good at telling you they are full. Watch out for them turning their head away, closing their mouth or getting upset if you try to give them more food.
  • Give your baby certain foods. For more information on what foods you should avoid click here.
  • Re-use leftovers from a bowl or jar that you’ve fed your baby directly; it may have bacteria from their saliva.


For more information on feeding your baby call our Freephone Careline on 1800 570570.