Weaning When Out and About

Weaning doesn’t need to be a hassle when you are out of the house. There are many ways to make the experience of weaning when out and about a more simple and enjoyable task.

Be Prepared

Don’t over complicate it; keep your kit to the basics. Invest in a carrier bag for all the items you need. This will ensure everything is kept tidy and available for use at short notice. It will be a lot harder for anything to go missing when you have a designated carrier bag to hold your items in.
Prepare your baby’s meals in advance, these can be kept in lidded bowls/containers to minimise any possible mess or spillage. If you want, you can keep these meals in an insulated bag to retain their hot or cold temperatures. Pre-prepared frozen meals can be taken out to defrost the night before, see this article about freezing food for more information.


What to Bring

  • Carrier bag – this will keep everything together
  • Insulated food bag – keep meals hot/cold
  • Lidded containers (bowls/tubs) – reduce chances of mess
  • Plastic spoons – safe and easy to clean
  • A bib – will keep clothes clean
  • Baby wipes – wipe off any mess or spills

Handy On-The-Go Foods

This will mainly depend on the stage of your little ones weaning – check the list here for some ideas. Puréed foods such as fruits and vegetables can be put into a lidded container and fed with a plastic spoon when needed. If your baby is a little older (7-9 months), soft finger foods such as carrot sticks, crackers and cheese cubes can also be a great idea. These can occupy your little one for a longer amount of time as they suck and taste the foods themselves, meaning a little less work for you!

If you’re caught for time with preparation, pre-made baby food meals are available in jars, pouches and pots which can be handy when you’re out and about. These foods can be enjoyed hot or cold, allowing them to be a useful weaning tool if needs be.