When to wean a premature baby

Knowing when to wean your baby is difficult enough never mind with the added stress of weaning those little ones who decided to make an early appearance!

Here are some tips and guidelines about weaning a premature baby:

  • For healthy premature babies, weaning can safely begin somewhere between the ages of 5 and 8 months from the actual date of birth (i.e. uncorrected age).
  • The exact age will vary from one baby to another but as premature babies are all different, their readiness for solid foods should be assessed individually (by a healthcare professional).
  • Most premature babies progress through the stages of weaning at the same pace as full term babies. However some premature babies may have delayed development and may take longer to get the hang of eating solid food. Always be advised by your healthcare professional if you’re not sure when the right time to introduce solids to your baby is.

If you’ve got a question about weaning your preterm baby and you’d like to talk to someone about it, do contact our freephone Careline at 1800 570 570.