Where does my baby sleep?

It may sound like a simple question, but as you begin your parenting journey, it may become more relevant. Ultimately most babies will sleep in a conventional cot, but that is generally not until they are 4 months plus, as the cot may be too big a space at the start.

For night time and even some day time sleep, the best options are probably a Moses basket or a crib that can be placed next to or attached to your bed. This sleep space is normally temporary as your baby will get big quickly and then will possibly go into a conventional cot. There are plenty of choices on the market and there are even some that transition from a newborn sleeping space all the way through to a toddler bed. Don’t be overwhelmed here; you will need to make a decision based on your budget and your space and of course your preferences.

It is likely that your baby will room share with you for at least the first 6 months and then based on room available and on your own feelings about where you want your child to sleep, they may move out into their own bedroom..add link (when does baby leave our bedroom)…in the meantime though:

  • Your baby will benefit from a small space to feel safe at the start. Don’t forget they are coming from a confined space in your tummy to start with and will feel much more secure in a space that they can feel the sides of.
  • Young children sleep better and longer in close proximity to their mums
  • You will always need to invest in a new mattress for each new baby. So keep this in mind if you are being given or lent a Moses basket, crib or a cot from family or friends. The mattress needs to be firm and you will always put your baby into the crib with their feet close to the end. Although it may look pretty, avoid placing toys or having loose bedding as you will want to observe a safe sleeping environment –add a link to safe sleep
  • During the day and evening, even if you are home based, you will probably want your baby quite close to you. At the start, they can have a tendency to sleep whenever and wherever and noise and light don’t really bother them. As they get older, beyond 4 months+ then you may then start putting them into a bedroom with a monitor for day sleep as well as at bedtime.
  • They may sleep very well in their car seat, swing or bouncer chair, but it is not recommended for long periods of time, so I would suggest the pram component to your buggy can serve very well as a crib. Your baby can lie flat and be comfortable and you can always roll them in the house, if you are not planning on a walk, to help them drift off to sleep
  • To begin with, your baby will have a late bedtime, a bit like ours, so you will probably keep them downstairs with you in the pram, or bring the Moses basket downstairs with you. Then when it is bedtime, you will all go to bed then its into the crib or Moses basket for the night
  • You may not plan to share the your own bed with your baby, but we know that unplanned bed sharing happens an awful lot and whilst there is nothing wrong or is this a reason to feel guilty about this approach to sleeping, in fact it can help mums get more sleep, the health agenda does not recommend it. If you are in fact bed sharing, whether planned or otherwise, ensure that you are observing safe sleep and providing a risk free environment within this- add link