Your Baby and Meat

There are many myths when it comes to the introduction of meat in your baby’s weaning diet; however it is very important to include it in the weaning diet.

Why is meat important for my baby?

Lean meats such as chicken, beef or lamb are essential in your baby’s weaning diet because it contains the haem iron which is the most readily absorbed form of iron. For more information on iron, see our article on the importance of iron in the weaning diet.
This is really important in helping with your little one’s rapid growth and development at this time!

When should I introduce meat into my baby’s diet?

Meat is safe to eat and can be tolerated as soon as your baby has started accepting spoon feeds!
It is best to start weaning with baby rice, fruit & veg and then after they have had a few tastes you can go ahead with the meat/fish. Click here for more information on how to start weaning.

How to prepare meat for weaning:

  1. Trim off any excess fat.
  2. Stew, bake, steam, grill or boil until tender as you would prepare family meals.
  3. When the meat is fully cooked it can be blended, mashed, liquidised or pureed depending on your little one’s stage of weaning.
  4. Add to pureed vegetables/potatoes/pasta and you can adjust the consistency of the dish with your baby’s usual milk.


Are all meats suitable?

No, processed meats such as ham, bacon, sausages and rashers should not be included as these meats are high in salt and contain additives which are not suitable for your little one.


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