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      Top Tips for Baby’s First Christmas


      Is it your little one’s first Christmas? How exciting!

      “I used to think that being a kid at Christmas was the best thing ever. Turns out, having kids at Christmas is!!”

      Here are some tips to make the most of it!

      No surprises

      Make sure your little one is around and if possible involved in putting up the decorations. Sure it’s tempting to put up your decorations when they’re out of the way or asleep, but babies tend to dislike surprises and prefer routine!


      Secure the tree

      If your little one is mobile, you’re going to need to put some distance between them and the tree. Try some of our suggestions below:

      • Tie the top of your Christmas tree to a hook in the wall or make sure it’s in a really sturdy stand, so that it won’t fall over on your baby.
      • Make sure any glass ornaments are placed too high for your baby to reach
      • Build a barrier- Try some nappy boxes filled with books and wrapped up just like presents, a fire guard or even a play pen.



      Try to keep your baby’s day as normal as possible over Christmas. It can be difficult to do, particularly when it’s the time for visitors, and lots of them! But your baby will be calmer and happier as a result.

      • Timing is crucial.

      If you’re visiting Santa, make sure your little one is up for it! If your baby is in the clingy stage but is a good sleeper, go around nap time and get shots of them sleeping in Santa’s arms. If your baby is a social butterfly, go after nap time. And remember, it’s OK if your baby is crying in the picture. Crying on Santa’s lap is almost a rite of passage, and you’ll be able to laugh about it in the years to come.

      • You don’t need to overdo it. 

      It’s your baby’s first Christmas, so it can be tempting to buy everything and anything that you think your baby might like. But don’t spend lots of money on toys! At this stage, they simply don’t need them. Baby’s first Christmas is an amazing memory for the parents, but your baby won’t remember a thing!You’ll find your little one will be much happier playing with boxes, wrapping paper and bows anyway (under adult supervision of course).

      • Have a place to escape. 

      Christmas can be stressful. If you have plans to have dinner at somebody else’s house, make sure you arrange ahead of time where you can have a private space. If you’re breastfeeding or it’s nap time, knowing that there is a quiet space just for you and baby will help you to relax. Make sure everyone knows that the quiet room is off limits when you’re in there so that you and baby can get the peace you need.

      • Take lots and lots of photos! 

      Professional or on your reliable smartphone, just capture all the precious moments!


      Have a wonderful Christmas!

      Any more questions?

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