Mum spoon feeding baby
Mum spoon feeding baby

Cow & Gate baby foods

As your baby grows, their chewing skills will develop and they’ll start to enjoy more adventurous flavours. Our great range of tasty breakfasts, hearty meals, snacks & desserts introduces new tastes and textures for every stage.


Cow & Gate and Tesco recall 7+ months Cow & Gate baby food jars as a precaution because a small number may have been tampered with.

You may have heard that Cow & Gate and Tesco are voluntarily recalling 15 varieties of 7+ month Cow & Gate baby food jars (200g) sold by Tesco stores in the UK, as a precautionary measure following concerns that some jars may have been tampered with. The recall only involves these varieties sold in Tesco stores in the UK including Northern Ireland.

We would like to reassure parents that this recall is isolated to the UK only and consumers can continue to buy and use these products bought in the Republic of Ireland in complete confidence.

No other Cow & Gate, Tesco or other branded baby products are affected.

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Stage 1: 4-6 months

4-6 months breakfast

At around 6 months your little one may be showing signs that they are ready to accept solid foods. Every baby is different and will be ready at different times, but solid foods should not be introduced before 17 weeks (4 months). Try our breakfasts for a delicious start to the day!

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4-6 months lunch & dinner

Our lunches and dinners come in a variety of recipes.

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4-6 months dessert

Our desserts are a great first treat for first tastes. They come in a variety of formats, suitable for every occasion.

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6+ months dessert

Try our range of desserts including dairy pots and fruity puddings.

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Stage 2: 7+ months

7+ months breakfast

Our delicious range for babies aged 7+ months is a great way to help your little one learn to love new tastes and textures. Full of flavour and our finest ingredients, these lumpier, bumpier meals are perfect for practising those new chewing skills!

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7+ months lunch & dinner

There is so much variety for your baby’s meals in a range of formats. Scrummy!

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7+ months dessert

Fruity and creamy desserts for your baby.

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Stage 3: 10+ months

10+ months breakfast

Encourage your little one to discover varied tastes and texture by exploring our delicious range for babies aged 10+ months.

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10+ months lunch & dinner

Our 10 months lunch & dinner range comes in a range of recipes and different formats.

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Our highest quality standards

At Cow & Gate we test our range to high standards so you can be sure you are making the right choice when you choose our baby and toddler milks or foods.

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