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Toddler Tummy

      Top tips for little tummies





















      1. Breastfeeding is best.  

      Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life, with the gradual introduction of solids combined with breastfeeding until the age of 2 years and beyond, is recommended. Breastmilk contains friendly bacteria and oligosaccharides which promote good digestive health.

      2. Develop both your baby’s brains!

      The tummy is called the ‘second brain’ because it has so many nerve cells. The brain and tummy* send messages to and fro all the time, which is why good tummy* health is so important for general well-being.

      3. Make friends with the friendly tummy bacteria!

      The tummy contains friendly bacteria called ‘gut microbiota’. These good bacteria are important for digestion; they also guide the development of the immune system, and can affect your baby’s mood & sleep.

      4. Feel good time!

      Nearly all of the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin is stored in the tummy. It’s important for mood, behaviour, sleep and appetite.

      5. Skin contact is about more than bonding.

      You pass on friendly bacteria simply by holding your new baby close to your body and face!

      6. Wean when the time is right.

      It is recommended that you introduce suitable solid foods when your baby is around 6 months old (but not before 17 weeks). Proper weaning practices can help reduce the risk of allergies. If foods are introduced too early, it can upset your baby’s developing tummy*.

      7. Weaning is important for later in life!

      Use your baby’s weaning journey to build healthy eating habits for life. As you introduce suitable solids, be sure to give your baby a wide range of foods and textures.

      8. Tummy Time:

      Laying your baby gently on the tummy, can help develop their neck, back, and shoulder muscles. It is recommended that tummy time is part of baby’s daily routine.

      *When we refer to your baby’s tummy it includes the entire gastrointestinal tract

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