Irish heritage

Made with love in Ireland *

*Applies to 800g Follow on and Toddler milk powder formula only.

135 years of feeding the future of Ireland

Since 1887, we have been feeding little tummies in Ireland. Proudly manufacturing in Wexford and Cork, we use Ireland’s rich dairy resources to produce our Follow-On and Toddler milk powder formula to the highest standards possible .

Back to our roots

Cow & Gate originally started out as a creamery in Ireland, and produced a very successful cream product. One of the by-products of producing this cream was a huge left-over quantity of skimmed milk. In 1904, we received a bulk order for milk powder to use as baby food following reports from the USA that the health of poorer children in New York was greatly improved when powdered milk was added to their diets. When trials were published in medical journals highlighting that our powder provided similar benefits, demand for this new baby food began to grow and Cow & Gate as a baby food company was born. 

Reducing our carbon footprint, one baby step at a time

In 2020, our factory in Wexford became certified carbon neutral, the first baby formula site in the world certified by the Carbon Trust.

This important milestone is a step towards achieving our goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Building a green future for the little ones of Ireland with Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme

As part of Danone, we are a proud member of Origin Green, the Irish food industry’s sustainability programme.

Through this initiative, we are supporting Ireland’s unique grass-based dairy production and family farming tradition. 

B Corp

We're proud to be a Certified B Corp. This means we are part of a community that believes business is a force for good for people and the planet. Find out more here.