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Toddler Tummy

      Your baby's digestive engine




















      A healthy tummy supports digestion, the immune system, and general wellbeing. By making sure your little one has a healthy tummy, you are helping their overall health and wellbeing.

      The tummy has to break down different types of foods so they can be put to good use in the body. As some foods are harder to break down than others, friendly bacteria that live naturally in the tummy step in to help.

      Friendly bacteria are your baby’s friends!

      1. They help your baby’s tummy to break down food.
      2. They help your baby get some of the nutrients they need.
      3. They help support a healthy immune system.

      The tummy’s in charge!

      Babies explore the world with their mouths, so it makes sense that the tummy is designed to fight germs and harmful bacteria. A healthy gut microbiota (friendly bacteria) forms a layer covering the wall of your baby’s tummy*. This extra layer acts as a barrier to help support the immune system.

      For all this hard work to happen, your little one’s tummy* needs the right care and nutrition. Keep your baby’s tummy in tip-top shape with our Top Tips For Tiny Tummies!

      *When we refer to your baby’s tummy it includes the entire gastrointestinal tract

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