Baby weaning recipes: Around 7+ months

Toddler with mother eating breakfast

At around 7 months you can start to introduce thicker purées and very soft lumps. Start by blending purées a little less, and have more fun with tastes and flavours. If you haven’t already, read up on how to prepare and store baby food safely before you get started. It’s a great idea to introduce soft finger foods at this age to encourage independent eating. Just make sure the foods you offer are the right size for little hands to hold (the size of an average chip is about right) and cool enough for your baby to hold. Don’t panic if they cough a little – their natural gag reflex will help them bring up any food they can’t manage.

Lunch and dinner

Or why not try these...

  • Carrot sticks – thin slices of raw carrot are ideal for your little one to hold and munch on.
  • Apple slices – fresh, crunchy slices of raw apple are perfect for little fingers.
  • Dried fruit – make a trail of yummy raisins on their highchair tray for them to pick up.
  • Bread sticks – try lightly toasted bagels or strips of pitta bread.

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