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      The 20 week scan

      What do I need to know about the 20 week scan?

      It's known as the big scan for a reason - the 20 week scan is really is an important milestone in your pregnancy.

      Lots of mums to be like to bring someone with them to the scan, whether it's your partner, your mum or your sister.  Most hospitals only allow one person to attend with you.

      What will happen?

      This scan is very similar to what will happen at your 12 week scan. It will generally take between 30 minutes and an hour, which is longer than your first scan. This is because it’s looking at more specific aspects of your baby’s development. It's recommended to go into your scan with a full bladder.

      What will I learn about my baby?

      1. If you haven't found out already, you may be able to learn the gender of your baby. (If you want to know) This can be a very exciting moment for parents to be but don't be disappointed if they can't tell you for sure - it does depend on what way your baby is lying at a particular time.

      2. From 20 weeks, the sonographer can clearly see individual structures in your baby, structures such as the heart and brain.  The sonographer will look in detail at your baby’s organs and and their general anatomy to check everything is forming well. This will allow them to check for any possible issues such as cleft lip.

      3. The sonographer will check the location of your placenta to see if there will be any possible impact on how you will deliver the baby.

      4. They will check and measure the amount of your amniotic fluid.

      The big scan is an exciting and emotional milestone - if you have any concerns or worries don't hesitate to call our Careline on 1800 570 570.

      Any more questions?

      Our specialist baby advisors and experienced mums are here to talk and ready to help whenever you need them. You can call us or reach us on Live Chat 8.30am-5.30pm Monday-Friday.

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