Your toddler's second birthday - party food

It’s party time again – let’s celebrate!

Everyone loves a party – including your toddler, and this year they should even understand what’s going on! So why not plan their big day together? They’ll love helping you make invites and choose music for the party games. You could even let them help you decorate their birthday cake. While you might want to have a big party, remember they’re still really small, and being the guest of honour can be pretty demanding! So it’s worth keeping things short and sweet until they’re older. A 2-hour party is often enough fun – for everyone!

Our top party tips

Whether it’s a small family get together or a full-blown celebration, our tips can help you host the perfect party!

  • Choose a good time. Sleepy toddlers won’t be much fun, so hold your party in the morning or over lunchtime, when they’re full of beans!
  • Set up a changing area. Most of your guests will be in nappies, so stock up on wipes and nappy bags.
  • Check ahead for food allergies. Then everyone can tuck into that yummy party food!
  • Think up some party games. Musical statues and pass the parcel will get them giggling – remember to get everyone a little gift to avoid any tears!
  • Pick a theme. Themes like the jungle, animals, princesses or super heroes add extra fun. You can theme your invites and party food too!
  • Take loads of photos. Pop them in an album of your little one’s big day.
  • Make thank you cards. Your toddler’s bound to get loads of lovely birthday pressies!

Bring on the nibbles!

No party’s complete without a brightly coloured feast. So load up the dinner table with goodies. Healthy party food is just as much fun for little fingers to pick up as naughty sweet treats. Keep things colourful and they won’t be able to resist diving into a big bowl of fruit salad. Try slices of apple, orange, melon and kiwi, with strawberries and blueberries – for a whole rainbow to choose from. Carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus are fabulous finger foods. And sandwiches look so much yummier if you use a biscuit cutter to make heart or star shapes. 

Then there’s the cake…mummy’s little helper will love stirring the mixture. And whatever shape or flavour you go for, don’t forget the candles. Watching your toddler huff and puff as they try to blow them out is always worth catching on camera!

Perfect pressies

Now they’re on the go you might want to get your little whirlwind a bike or scooter, or maybe some picture cards or books to help them learn new words. A plastic tea set or baby doll is great for imaginative play. And they’ll love running around after a ball. Your toddler will love anything you give them - even a big cardboard box is an exciting hide-out to them! So have some fun, that’s what birthdays are all about!

See our article on finger foods for party food ideas and visit our Playtime Planner  for lots of fun party games.


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  • 1-to-1 support from our dedicated Careline team, 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

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