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      Toddlers need to eat little and often. This means whether you’re heading on a holiday, a day at the beach or just a trip to the shop, packing some snacks in your bag is a must (especially if you want to avoid a tug of war situation with a chocolate bar in the supermarket!)

      Here are some healthy on-the-go snack ideas:

      • Fruit – chop up some of your toddlers favourite fruit in a small lunch box or simply pop a banana in your bag.
      • Yogurts – Just don’t forget a spoon!
      • Cheese & crackers – chop up a few pieces of cheese and pop them in a lunchbox with some crackers for when the munchies strike
      • Veggie sticks – cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, sliced peppers & halved cherry tomatoes are a great snack. It’s a good idea to chop some veggies up on a Sunday evening so you can grab some during the week whenever you’re rushing out the door.
      • Small sandwiches – Whether you’re little one like’s plain banana or turkey and cheese, a simple half or quarter sandwich is easy to pack and is satisfying for little tummies.


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