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      Vitamin D, whatever the weather


      Vitamin D and the weather

      Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin; however it can be difficult for children to get the vitamin D they need from this natural source. This is because, although our bodies can produce it when the sun shines on our skin, in Ireland we don't get enough of the right UV rays to provide us with enough vitamin D. And since children’s delicate skin needs sun protection to prevent skin damage, this can reduce the amount of vitamin D they produce.

      Vitamin D and diet

      It is only possible to get vitamin D from a few foods, like salmon, other oily fish, egg yolk and foods with added vitamin D. Unfortunately, despite their health benefits many little ones don't find these foods that yummy. This means that, on average in Ireland, 70% - 84% of young children aged 1-4 are getting less than half their recommended daily vitamin D.

      The effects of vitamin D deficiency

      Vitamin D helps their little bodies take in and use calcium, to help support their growing bones! As well as being important for the healthy growth and development of children's bones and teeth, there is also growing concern that low vitamin D status may contribute to a range of chronic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disaeses, diabetes, mellitus, and some inflammatory and autoimmune disease.

      Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk is specially formulated to help meet the nutritional needs of your little one, providing them with hard-to-get nutrients such as vitamin D and iron when used as part of a balanced, healthy diet. 

      Just 2 x 150ml beakers a day provides nearly 100% of your toddler's daily vitamin D requirements. Perfect for your little ray of sunshine! Alternatively, you can also help top up your little one's vitamin D using vitamins D drops. 

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