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Toddler Tummy

      Your toddler’s bones at 12 - 18 months



























      12 - 18 months: your toddler’s bones

      At 12-18 months, your toddler is still growing rapidly, so it's important to make sure they get plenty of the bone-building minerals they need, like calcium and vitamin D. 

      Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is essential for normal bone development.

      In Ireland we don't get enough of the right UV rays to provide us with enough vitamin D. Also, sun creams which are important in preventing skin damage have an affect too.

      We know from research in Ireland that 90% of toddlers aren't getting enough vitamin D in their diets.

      On average in Ireland, 70% - 84% of young children aged 1-4 years are getting less than half their recommended daily vitamin D. The Department of Health recommends that all 1-4 year olds should receive a daily supplement of vitamin D (5µg) from Halloween to St Patrick’s Day. 

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