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Ready to start your weaning journey? Our handy weaning guide is packed with practical advice and nifty ideas, taking you from first tastes to three meals a day in 5 easy steps.

It’s an easy way to make sure that every yummy mouthful you serve is varied and delicious – helping you encourage healthy eating habits from day one. Who needs a complicated baby weaning schedule when you can take it at your own pace and have lots of fun along the way?

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Get your FREE 5 step weaning plan

Master mealtimes with our no-nonsense guide to weaning.

From first spoonfuls to three meals a day

  1. Start with single vegetables
  2. Mix it up with new fruit and vegetable flavours
  3. Introduce meat, fish and other food groups
  4. Introduce mealtimes, starting with brekkie
  5. Get into a routine by introducing three meals a day!

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