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      My baby is overdue

      Toddler and bump

      Does it matter that I’m overdue?


      Trying to pinpoint a due date is a bit of a tricky science. Which means that an overdue pregnancy is extremely common – in fact, four out of five babies are born after their due date. So try and make the most of the time to relax. Your baby will come when they’re ready.

      A quick check with your healthcare professional to make sure everything is well with your baby should give you peace of mind in the short-term. Or if you’re feeling really impatient, check out our tips to help bring on labour.

      How to cope with an overdue pregnancy


      No matter how hard you try, sitting on the sofa, staring at your belly and willing your baby to come out isn’t going to work. The best thing you can do is relax but if you are feeling energetic and bored, here are a few things you could do to pass the time:

      • Unless you’re living with a chef, your freezer will be a life-saver once your baby comes. Make sure it’s well stocked with tasty, home-cooked food while you have the chance.
      • Politely ask friends and family not to keep calling for hourly updates; tell them you’ll call them when it happens!
      • Use the extra time you now have to spend quality time with your partner doing the things you both enjoy. You might not get the chance to do them again for a while.
      • Have a spring clean, no matter what time of year it might be. Tidy, sort and clear the decks now and you’ll be thankful for the lack of clutter later on.
      • Give your wardrobe the once-over. Make sure you’ve got plenty of comfy tops and bottoms and dig out all the clothes you’d like to wear once you’re bump-free.
      • And if all that sounds like too much hard work, save your energy for labour; put your feet up, watch your favourite film…and doze off if you feel like it!

      If you think your labour has started, but you’re not quite sure, call your maternity hospital and see what they think.

      Any more questions?

      Our specialist baby advisors and experienced mums are here to talk and ready to help whenever you need them. You can call us or reach us on Live Chat 8.30am-5.30pm Monday-Friday.

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