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      Dad-to-be Guide to Christmas

      *One to share with the men!!

      It can be hard to know what’s the right thing to do when you’re partner/wife is pregnant, and admittedly- at times, hormonal (it’s the pregnancy). Here are some of our tips for helping Mum-to-be this Christmas, whether it’s early in the pregnancy or your little one is due soon.


      In the first or second trimester:

      • Help her keep the secret

      If it’s too early to share the news, help her keep the secret! It can be tough hiding the fact that you’re on the dry, or avoiding certain foods that aren’t pregnancy-friendly without someone noticing and questioning it! We’re suggested some answers/excuses here.

      • Make her a delicious mocktail

      Usually a few alcoholic beverages are enjoyed over the festive season, but now that alcohol is off the menu, she doesn’t have to stick to soft drinks! Make her one of these festive mockails for mums-to-be.

      • Treat her

      We’re sure you’re going to spoil her with gifts, but growing a tiny human can be hard. It’s the little things that count- give her a foot massage after a long day, run a bath and light a few candles or even bring her a cuppa with her favourite magazine.


      Due soon (soon being the next 4-6 weeks):

      • Drink responsibly

      The festive season is certainly a time to let loose and catch up with friends and family. And you can still do that even if your little one is due soon. Just make sure you’re prepared and sober enough if that call comes as you’ll be needed! And if you are out and having a few drinks, make sure you’ve planned a backup designated hospital driver in advance.

      • Make sure the car is in tip top shape

      As a male, your car is more than likely in pristine condition at all times anyway. But for this exciting time- check the below to avoid any unnecessary delays:

      ·         Tyres- pressure & threads (in case the roads are icy)

      ·         Tank is near full at all times- garage/petrol station hours could change for Christmas (and if your partner is in labour, she won’t be one bit impressed if you have to pull over on route to the hospital)

      ·         Battery & Oil

      ·         Anti-Freeze

      ·         GO bag

      Or hospital bag! Have it with you at all times over the festive season. Labour could start at any time and it is the visiting season! Also, check out our handy hospital bag essentials list, in case her baby brain has kicked in (it’s real).

      • Keep your phone charged

      You could pop to the shop for milk and not be contactable because your battery is low. Keep it charged up and keep a charger at work, and in the car.


      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! And early congrats Dad!!

      Any more questions?

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