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      I've just had my baby, now I’m pregnant again

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      The benefits of having two pregnancies close together


      First of all, if this wasn’t part of the original game plan, don’t feel bad about having a rush of different feelings about getting pregnant so quickly again. Having one baby is quite life-changing enough so having to plan for another so soon might be making you think, “Oh no – not again!”.

      There are plenty of advantages though. Most mums find that their second pregnancy is usually easier than the first time. You probably also have all the baby equipment you need already. You can expect fewer surprises too as you know about feeding, nappy changing and caring for your newborn now!

      Having two pregnancies close together can also make it easier if you’re planning to return to a career – you’ll be able to enjoy time with your babies and then start back fresh when they’re a bit older.

      Remember to look after yourself


      As a mum you’ll know that time is the one thing you don’t have in plentiful supply. You probably can’t spend hours in the kitchen. But it’s really important that you don’t skip meals and eat well. So have food that’s easy to prepare like pasta, fruit and vegetables. 

      With a baby to look after and one on the way it’s easy to forget all the health advice you followed the first time, but you must give yourself space and time during your pregnancy.

      Take regular exercise – even if it’s just taking your baby out for a walk around the park in their pushchair or popping them in a bouncer chair while you do your pregnancy exercises. You also need to rest and relax. So only do the most important stuff around the house.

      Any more questions?

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