Nesting - preparing for baby's arrival

Pregnant woman nursery

No, we know you’re not a bird, but humans also experience the nesting instinct.

What is nesting?

Nesting is the uncontrollable urge and pre-labour ritual that helps get your home ready for your bundle of joy- preparing, cleaning and organising the ‘nest’! It’s nature’s way of getting you ready to nurture your little one.

But don’t be upset if the nesting urge doesn’t strike you at all. That’s perfectly normal, too. 

If the nesting instinct hits you right as you’re preparing for birth, make the most of it! Before life becomes very hectic! But remember to be sensible- Don’t climb, overreach or lift anything too heavy. And avoid risky business such as standing on a ladder so you can scrub the bathroom ceiling…. again.

If the nesting instinct strikes, here are a few productive suggestions (if you haven’t done them already);

Restock your fridge

Out with the old, in with the new! As you prepare for birth, throw away any outdated items and shop for fresh ones. Stock up on key essentials you’ll want to have on hand once the baby has arrived — milk, yogurt, cheese, juice, prewashed salad greens, fruit and even a roasted chicken or two (perfect for meals, snacks and salads). And if baby doesn’t come this week — restock again next week.

Fill the presses

Stock up on the essentials like there’s no tomorrow (there will be a tomorrow; you just won’t be able to spend it at the supermarket once your newborn is around). Fill your shelves with healthy convenience, from soups, nuts, whole-grain crackers and cereal, canned beans, fruits and vegetables, and pasta.

Batch cook

If your nesting instinct is accompanied by the joy of cooking, indulge while you can (cooking will almost certainly take a back burner once baby’s on board). Make extra of your favourite frost-friendly foods (lasagne, Shepard’s pie, stew, chicken curry), and freeze. Make sure to mark them clearly so you know what you’re defrosting! You’ll thank yourself when you have a freezer full of homemade meals that only requires pushing a button on the microwave!

Deep clean

You know the spring-cleaning that you’re always putting off until next spring? Even if it’s not Spring, now’s the time to tackle the cleaning while your nesting instinct is nice and strong.  Where to start? Everywhere and anything that doesn’t get the once over in everyday cleaning!

Be prepared

Babies need more than the clothes on their backs and lots of love. They also need supplies like nappies and bibs. Have a look at our list of newborn essentials.

Also, don’t let the nesting urge control you- be sure to take breaks and snack often. You don’t want to overdo it so close to labour and delivery (you need to save up some of the extra energy). And remember to be sensible when it comes to climbing, lifting heavy stuff etc.  Don’t push yourself if you’re pooped (push someone else instead).


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