10 things you’ll get sick of hearing when pregnant

Pregnant woman walking autumn

From the moment that your bump can be seen by others or they know that you are pregnant; you become a magnet for advice. Whether it is wanted and valued or unwanted, everyone and their mother suddenly feel the need to give you their input.

Although most of the tips you receive may be outdated or something that you already know, unwanted advice can sometimes make you feel as though everyone thinks that you need it. It can drive you bananas, and it probably will, but try keep in mind that they all mean well. They just want to help you.

Here are some things you might get sick of hearing during your pregnancy:

1. Strange ways to ease Morning Sickness

You may get morning sickness or you may be one of the lucky ones. Regardless, everyone will tell you some random way (their way) of dealing with morning sickness. This can range from “Eat plain cream crackers first thing in the morning, wait an hour and you’ll be fine” to snacking on ginger nut biscuits or trying out travel sickness bracelets. And while it would have worked for them, it may not for you. Every pregnancy is different.

2. How to deal with heartburn

Some will say a good glass of cold milk is all you need while others will swear by some Rennie and the avoidance of most food. Either way, they’ll have something to say about it!

3. Bio Oil

Are you using Bio Oil for non-existent stretch marks yet? Because you’ll be told 10 million times that you should be.

4. Get your practice in

With nieces and nephews, cousins or friends’ little ones you’ll be urged to get your practice in. Practice makes perfect after all!

5. Enjoy sleep while you can because you’ll never sleep again

Contrary to what you are told, there is life after your little one is born, and you will (although occasionally) get some sleep again.

6. Diet/Caffeine

“You’re not drinking too much coffee, are you?” or other judgemental comments in relation to what you’re eating or drinking.  And LOTS of them!

7. Don’t buy anything before they are born, its bad luck.

It’s just completely impractical not to have a single item ahead of time for your new arrival. It’s ok to be prepared and it doesn’t mean bad luck.

8. It’s definitely a boy or it’s definitely a girl!

Everyone has an old wives tale or two that leads them to believe that they know what gender you are having just by looking at your beautiful bump.

9. A gadget or product that you can’t live without!

Most women who are experienced Mums will have a product, item or gadget that they just couldn’t live without and will feel the need to share this wisdom with you. Most will be utterly useless, but worth investigation none the less as you might find a gem that your little angel will love, or just as importantly – might make your life easier.

10. Horror Stories

Unfortunately we are Irish and love to be pessimistic sometimes. So instead of hearing lovely stories that make you feel emotional and gooey on the inside, you might just hear the horror stories. And it’s hard not to think ‘what can go wrong, will’ after hearing them but try not to focus on them too much – think positive!


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