Tips for keeping your Pregnancy a Secret over Christmas

Pregnant woman fire christmas

Ah the lovely festive season. Cheese boards with soft camembert, canapés with barely cooked shellfish and platters with cold, un-refrigerated meats. Cocktails, champagne and other delicious alcohol-filled drinks flowing.

It’s all great fun, unless you happen to find yourself in the first trimester of pregnancy over Christmas. If you’re trying to keep your pregnancy under wraps- this is a tricky time of the year.

We’ve rounded up some tips that will hopefully help you fend off prying questions.


Luckily, food is much easier to get around than alcohol, although you’ll be surprised how often you will be confronted with un-pregnancy friendly options. If you’re unsure of something, play it safe and stick to the bread. If you have to leave a heap of uneaten food on your plate just mush it around so it looks like you had a good go and that you’re saving room for the next course!
The below excuses may also work:

  • Not feeling 100% today. There are so many bugs going around at the minute!!
  • I’m avoiding certain foods at the minute

Us Irish really do take notice if someone isn’t drinking. Hopefully one of the below will help you hide that you’re expecting:

  • I’m on antibiotics” excuse. An old reliable. If it seems like some are wise to it, and they don’t believe that the antibiotics are for the bug you have (food excuse from above 😉 ), say they’re for a urinary tract infection and it will stop them prying– discussing someone’s bladder isn’t very party-friendly!
  • Tell the bartender/server that every time you order a drink (vodka & coke, G&T), to give you that minus the alcohol! Let them know that you ARE pregnant and are keeping it a secret. Tell them you’d like to have the same drink all night, and that you would like it to be made virgin even if you don’t request it or someone asks to buy you one. But PLEASE remember to smell to check the drink first before you taste it. They may be busy and forget your arrangement.
  • Have a mocktail- it will look like the real deal and people will assume it contains alcohol! Try our festive themed mocktails for mums-to-be.
  • You’re the designated driver/ collecting someone from the airport tomorrow
  • Play the ‘I’m so hung-over I’m never drinking again’ card.
  • Enlist some help. If there’s someone you trust with your news, use them as a drinks disposal unit.
  • Nurse a drink. Instead of stating that you’re not drinking just accept the glass of wine and hold on to it to keep people off your back. Then when you get a chance, you can discreetly dispose of it.
In general
  • Watch what you wear. A bad choice of top can give away your pregnancy to those closest to you in a heartbeat. Dressing for your expanding body can be a nightmare in itself, but do try and find an outfit that won’t draw attention to a growing bump.

Of course, all the above wouldn’t be necessary if people weren’t so nosy. We wish you the best of luck!


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  • 1-to-1 support from our dedicated Careline team, 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

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