Top 10 perks of pregnancy

Pregnant woman walking autumn

Symptoms such as morning sickness, cankles and swollen feet tend to get all the attention during pregnancy! And while we know you are staying positive by looking forward to meeting your little bundle of joy, to help you along here are some pregnancy perks to focus on when the symptoms try to take over.

1. No periods!

During pregnancy, you’ll have the pleasure of no periods for a whole 9 months. No tampons, no pads, no problem!

2. Bigger boobs

Even before you take a pregnancy test, your breasts have probably started changing (one of the early signs of pregnancy), both in size and the start of soreness and pain. This is all to make sure they are ready to feed your baby. As your milk ducts grow and fill with milk, your boobs will get obviously bigger and look great!

3. Glowing skin

The pregnancy glow is real. Most mums-to-be experience increased blood volume, which luckily means a fresh pink beautiful glow. Leave the blush in the makeup bag as you’ll no longer need it.

4. Thicker, shiny hair

Those hormones responsible for all those not so nice symptoms can also make your hair thicker and shinier, and some soon-to-be Mums claim that their hair also grows at a much faster rate too.

5. Nail growth

Increases in blood pressure and hormone levels might make your nails grow faster (finally giving you the French-manicure-worthy nails you’ve always dreamed of). Others have also seen an improvement in the strength and durability of their nails. Taking your pregnancy vitamins such as Folic Acid also helps encourage the perfect natural nails. So keep taking ‘em!

6. Better sex

We’re not only talking about your increased sex drive and sudden urge to jump your partner’s bones every chance that you get! Pregnancy can actually make you more sensitive down there, which means even better orgasms!

7. Intensifying your bond with your other half

While great sex certainly helps this, having to keep the secret during the few weeks of your pregnancy is a special time to cherish. You and your partner are the only people who know and make sure to enjoy the private time before you celebrate the news with the rest of the world.

8. Baby kicks

Your little one letting you know that they are in there. Commonly known as a symptom, we feel that it’s not the right word for this magical bonding between a mum to be and their unborn baby but rather a pregnancy benefit- when your baby kicks. And yes, they do. Every time your baby moves, your body responds by boosting your heart rate, and that helps you and baby bond even more.

9. Always have the excuse to pamper yourself

Now you’ve got the perfect excuse to pamper yourself – spend hours in a scented bath, enjoy a massage (or 8) and bond with your growing bump with soothing and comforting lotions.

10. A great brain

You’ve probably experienced some pregnancy brain?! The forgetfulness that many mams-to-be say that they get. And it’s true: your brain is changing, but not for the worse. It’s actually making you more sensitive to baby’s needs for when after your little one is born.


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